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The first thing you will need to do if you plan to immigrate is establish your eligibility. You will need to see which application you will need, and then you will need to fill it out completely and correctly. Failure to follow any of the directions can cause your application to be denied, and you can even be barred from entering the country entirely if you make a serious enough mistake. That is why it helps so much to have someone on your side who has been through the process many times already.

Here are some of the different applications and definitions:

  • Family Based Green Cards – You may be eligible to apply for a family based green card if you have an immediate relative who is a citizen. There are also family-based preference categories.
  • Fiance(e) Petitions and Visas – You may be eligible to apply for this visa if you are either the fiance(e) of a United States citizen or the minor child.
  • Citizenship – Once you have fulfilled all other requirements and waited, you may be eligible to become naturalized as a United States citizens to have all the rights and privileges.
  • Employment Visas – First and second level preference is for those with unique abilities, while the third level even includes those with a Bachelor’s degree who may be members of a profession.
  • Labor Certifications – Issued by the US Secretary of Labor, labor certifications contain statements by US employers about how many US workers are eligible to fill a position and the effect it has on US workers when they hire immigrants.
  • Work Permits – This is an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and specifies that an individual is allowed to work in the country, and for how long.
  • EB-1 (Extraordinary Ability) Visas – To qualify for this visa, the applicant must be able to demonstrate extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, sports, business or education. Alternatively, this person may be an above-average professor or researcher. Multinational managers or other executives may also qualify.
  • EB-2 (National Interest Waiver) – This asks for the Labor Certification to be waived, because the applicant’s abilities are so strong it would greatly benefit the nation.
  • Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM Act) – Legal status granted to undocumented immigrants that came to the United States as minors and attended school in the U.S.

  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) – This program, if it is allowed to continue, helps undocumented young people who came to the US when they were young.
  • Petitions for Domestic Violence (VAWA) – Someone who has been the victim or battery or extreme cruelty may petition under VAWA. Abused parents, children and spouses of United States citizens can apply for this protection, which defends individuals against being deported, and keeps them from being forced to stay with the abuser.
  • Victims of Crimes (U-Visa) – This is a nonimmigrant visa which is granted to crime victims, if they are willing to assist the authorities in the investigation or prosecution of the criminal act.
  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS) – This is granted to some people who are already here if they are eligible, but they must have filed paperwork for a more lasting status to get TPS.
  • Consular Processing for Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visas – Sometimes the interview for a status change will take place at the relevant embassy, and can happen in the home country.
  • Deportation Defense – When you are in removal proceedings, it is important to defend your status. If you are deported, it may hurt your chances of ever returning.
  • Waivers of Inadmissibility – If you are otherwise ineligible, you may still file this waiver so that you can be granted legal entry to the US.
  • Immigration Appeals – The Board of Immigrations will listen to appeals if you feel that there was a mistake made against you.

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