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Omole Law Office is a legal firm dedicated to helping its clients achieve their immigration goals. We work closely with our clients so that we can help them navigate their way through the confusing, frustrating immigration process.

The first thing you will need to do if you plan to immigrate is establish your eligibility. You will need to see which application you will need, and then you will need to fill it out completely and correctly. Failure to follow any of the directions can cause your application to be denied, and you can even be barred from entering the country entirely if you make a serious enough mistake. That is why it helps so much to have someone on your side who has been through the process many times already.

Here are some of the different applications and definitions:

Family Based Green Cards  

You may be eligible to apply for a family based green card if you have an immediate relative who is a citizen. There are also family-based preference categories.

Fiance(e) Petitions and Visas You may be eligible to apply for this visa if you are either the fiance(e) of a United States citizen or the minor child. Fiance Visa Lawyer Fort Mill Each case in handled in the Fort Mill area courts is different from the last; because of this, we at Omole Law Office tackle each one independently, being sure to devote equal time and effort to all. We know there are cases where a client is looking for help with fiance visa matters for either one’s self or a friend. That’s why it’s important to work with a qualified fiance visa lawyer to ensure that your paperwork is properly filled out, properly filed, and correctly managed and defended. In the Fort Mill area and throughout the country, many immigration applications are delayed or denied. At Omole Law Office, we have experience dealing, and successfully overcoming, these problems for our Fort Mill area clients. If you are seeking an effective fiance visa lawyer familiar with Fort Mill area courts, let our professionals at Omole Law Office help you today. There are many steps in the fiance visa process that might not seem clear in their respective websites and paperwork provided by the UCIS, and this is a problem for many individuals trying to handle the process alone in the Fort Mill area. Hiring the fiance visa legal experts of Omole Law Office will provide you the benefit of someone to keep you informed regarding changes in fiance visa policy and standards, and help you understand when something is found to be wrong with regards to your fiance visa case. Call our professional team at Omole Law Office now. It can be easy for fiance visa cases to fall through the cracks of the Fort Mill area legal system. Be sure your case is properly represented by calling us at (980) 237-3743 today.


Once you have fulfilled all other requirements and waited, you may be eligible to become naturalized as a United States citizens to have all the rights and privileges.

Employment Visas First and second level preference is for those with unique abilities, while the third level even includes those with a Bachelor’s degree who may be members of a profession. L-1 Visa Lawyer Raleigh For many individuals and families throughout the Raleigh area, working with an experienced l-1 visa lawyer can make all the difference in their case. Here at Omole Law Office, we provide aid and guidance to anyone near Raleigh dealing with, or planning on starting, the l-1 visa process. Your l-1 visa attorney from Omole Law Office can help you prepare the correct forms, determine the correct fees, and get those documents turned in to the correct office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS) serving the Raleigh area. If you are in or near Raleigh and need help with immigration issues, your l-1 visa attorney will make sure that every document filed and every step taken is the correct one. When you need a professional l-1 visa lawyer, be sure to have an experienced attorney on your side. We at Omole Law Office can provide legal guidance and counsel to clients in the Raleigh area, allowing greater striving toward desired goals in l-1 visa cases. L-1 visa matters can be highly challenging, charged, delicate, and difficult to resolve. You can trust our professional team to work diligently towards needed results in the Raleigh courts. Call our professional team at Omole Law Office now. Do not allow your l-1 visa application to be ignored. Call (980) 237-3743 for a persistent voice in the Raleigh area courts today.

Labor Certifications

Issued by the US Secretary of Labor, labor certifications contain statements by US employers about how many US workers are eligible to fill a position and the effect it has on US workers when they hire immigrants.

Work Permits

This is an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and specifies that an individual is allowed to work in the country, and for how long.

EB-1 (Extraordinary Ability) Visas

To qualify for this visa, the applicant must be able to demonstrate extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, sports, business or education. Alternatively, this person may be an above-average professor or researcher. Multinational managers or other executives may also qualify.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) This program, if it is allowed to continue, helps undocumented young people who came to the US when they were young. Deferred Action Lawyer Greensboro When someone seeks out immigration help in the Greensboro community, they will need a professional from Omole Law Office who can truly understand their needs. The deferred action process is highly governed by federal law. This means a lot of paperwork, reviewing documents, and even interviews. Every step of the deferred action process must be payed close attention for everything to happen correctly. No matter what issue pertaining to immigration you or a family member is facing in the Greensboro area, know that there is an experienced deferred action attorney who will have your back. Here at Omole Law Office, we make it our motivation to guide our clients and provide them the representation needed to tackle their deferred action process successfully. Our professionals at Omole Law Office will work aggressively to solve your immigration problem. We help clients throughout the Greensboro area with their deferred action process, always being sure to stay one step ahead, and working thoroughly with our clients to strive toward success. If you are looking for a professional deferred action lawyer who is knowledgeable in Greensboro area law, work with us at Omole Law Office. Call our professional team at Omole Law Office today. The deferred action process is long, complicated, and full of paperwork. Be sure to trust in us at Omole Law Office to make sure everything is filled out properly. Do not let a simple mistake drastically affect your life in the Greensboro area.

Petitions for Domestic Violence (VAWA)

Someone who has been the victim or battery or extreme cruelty may petition under VAWA. Abused parents, children and spouses of United States citizens can apply for this protection, which defends individuals against being deported, and keeps them from being forced to stay with the abuser.

Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM Act) Legal status granted to undocumented immigrants that came to the United States as minors and attended school in the U.S. Dream Act Lawyer Charlotte It is important to remember that changes in federal laws regarding dream act cases can and do occur. If the rules change while your case is in transition, trust us at Omole Law Office to provide you with a professional dream act attorney to look after your paperwork and ensure your dream act documents as securely filed within the Charlotte area legal system. The paperwork to file for dream act Charlotte area applications alone can be overwhelming. Once that paperwork is properly completed and filed with the Charlotte or state courts, there are even more rules governing your actions within the U.S. The dream act attorneys at Omole Law Office will explain how to protect yourself from any missteps that could cause your application to be rejected. Dream act petitions can take a long time to resolve, but you’ll find the best possible chance at success by working with the experienced lawyers of Omole Law Office. We will manage your Charlotte area dream act petition from start to finish. Filing the appropriate dream act forms for legal status tends to be just one step in the immigration process. Each step depends on the way you are applying, and for many dream act cases, more than one appropriate option exists. Call us at Omole Law Office now. Do not let the confusion of dream act matters affect your status and life in the Charlotte area. Be sure to call us at Omole Law Office for proper protection and counsel today.

Victims of Crimes (U-Visa)

This is a nonimmigrant visa which is granted to crime victims, if they are willing to assist the authorities in the investigation or prosecution of the criminal act.

Waivers of Inadmissibility If you are otherwise ineligible, you may still file this waiver so that you can be granted legal entry to the US. 601A Waiver Lawyer Charlotte The ability to enter the U.S. and live in one of our beautiful cities, such as surrounding Charlotte areas, can be a very exciting time. However, the 601a waiver process is neither fast nor easy. We at Omole Law Office have helped numerous individuals get through the complicated webs of their 601a waiver cases. 601a waiver cases should be left to the expertise of a firm like Omole Law Office to ensure a streamlined approach toward positive outcomes. Here at Omole Law Office, we see many problems faced by individuals of the Charlotte area. One most common is the misinformation or incomplete information provided by clients, leading to problems in otherwise simple 601a waiver cases. Be sure to always double-check your information with a professional like our team at Omole Law Office to ensure your 601a waiver case continues smoothly. Here at Omole Law Office, we encourage our clients to actively engage with us during their 601a waiver process. Our Charlotte clients deserve to be kept informed, and therefore, we pride ourselves in working closely with them in their 601a waiver case. Let our professionals hear your 601a waiver case. We at Omole Law Office believe your 601a waiver case deserves swift action. If you are struggling in the Charlotte area courts, call us at (980) 237-3743 today.

Deportation Defense

When you are in removal proceedings, it is important to defend your status. If you are deported, it may hurt your chances of ever returning.

Mecklenburg Immigration Lawyer Morenike Lawyer has successfully helped many clients who have different circumstances. If you believe that you or a loved one qualify for one of these or if you just have any questions, please call Omole Law Office today for a for legal consultation.

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